As the summer weather is appearing again, there are days when the heat and humidity will be uncomfortable. While we are lucky to live in a climate that is comfortable a good deal of the time, there are weeks when it would be nice to have air conditioning in your home or business.

Many people think high-capacity air conditioning isn't an option for them because they don't have ductwork. In buildings with hot water baseboards, radiant floor heat, or other non-forced-air systems, putting in air conditioning seems cost prohibitive. But with newer ductless systems, it is not only possible, but a really great choice.

Ductless air conditioners, often called mini-splits, have two different parts. An outdoor compressor/condenser and the inside air handler, which is mounted to a wall or ceiling. They are connected by a conduit which houses the electrical wiring, refrigerant piping and a condensate drain.

Since the compressor is outdoors, the unit is very quiet. Many people assume these are only glorified window units, but you won't hear the motor at all, only the faint sound of blowing air.

Another benefit is the efficiency of these systems. When installed with multiple indoor air handlers, they automatically create cooling zones because each indoor unit has its own thermostat, so you can have different areas at their own unique temperatures. If certain rooms don't need to be cooled at certain times, you don't have to run that indoor unit. Depending on the system, you can hook up to 4 indoor air handlers to one outdoor compressor.

If you would like to have the option of air conditioning in the warm summer months, but don't have air ducts, you still have the option of installing a ductless system. They are efficient, quiet, and will keep you comfortable even on the hottest summer day. For more information about these systems, contact us.