Smart customers choose high-quality HVAC equipment, installed by trained professionals for the comfort of their homes. With top of the line equipment, comes top of the line warranty coverage. Manufacturers know that their equipment will stand the test of time and they stand behind it. As with any machinery, proper care of the equipment is necessary. Neglect or abuse of any name brand HVAC system will cause damage and could void the manufacturers warranty. It is important that the customer follows the warranty guidelines in order to keep their system warranty intact. Consider the following:

  • Manufacturers have varying amounts of control over who installs their equipment; most higher-end brands only sell their equipment to licensed, qualified, dealers.  Allowing non-qualified dealers to work on the system can void the warranty.
  • Allowing repairs with sub-standard parts will void most warranties. HVAC equipment works together as a system. Replacing part of that system with low-quality components puts a strain on the other components.   
  • Proper maintenance keeps a system in good operating order. This includes regular checks, cleaning, and service. helping to ensure that minor problems remain minor problems. Keep your receipts to show that you have properly cared for the system. Lack of maintenance will often void your warranty. 
  • It is very easy to register your equipment with the manufacturer.  Online registration is common and the information you need is on your receipt. Neglecting to register your system may cause loss of warranty.

Always check with your HVAC Professional regarding the warranty of your system. They will protect your system, and provide you with the most affordable and effective repairs.