If you’re looking for some easy solutions that can help you with energy savings on your home cooling costs, you’ve probably heard and tried them all. Programmable thermostats (a good way to save), the right amount of insulation (that works, too) and even ensuring your air filters are clean. But one method that is tried by many homeowners may not actually save you money on energy costs. In fact, it can actually do the opposite. 

Closing off the vents in your rooms is one method people try to implement when looking for ways to save money. Many homeowners think that by shutting off part of the flow of the cooled or heated air from their HVAC system, it means they’ll use less energy. However, this is not necessarily the case and damage can be done to your air conditioner or heat pump when you do this.

The covers for your room vents usually have sliders that move the louvers behind the grill. This helps you direct air flow into the room. Closing the louvers all the way won’t stop the air flow completely, and it will have a detrimental effect on the rest of your ventilation system by increasing the pressure in it.

If your heating or cooling system uses a variable-speed blower, closing off too many vents can force the furnace blower motor to speed up and start using more energy due to the increase in pressure inside the ductwork. This is certainly not a way to save energy. A standard single-speed fan doesn’t make the situation any better because less air is moved with an increase in pressure, so the rooms with open vents won’t experience proper comfort. This also lowers the efficiency of the air conditioner itself.

Other posible consequences include leaks in your duct system, frozen evaporator coils and possibly a damaged compressor.

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