If you are replacing an existing furnace or adding square footage to your home, either by renovating previously unused space or by building an addition, it’s a good idea to think about what size furnace will be best for your home. There are several factors that need to be considerd when choosing the correct size; purchasing the wrong size will negatively affect the efficiency and effectiveness of your heating system. Here are some important furnace factors to keep in mind for a new furnace installation:


A furnace’s capacity describes the amount of space it can heat while maintaining optimum comfort and energy efficiency. When it comes to furnaces, bigger is not better; an over-sized furnace will be just as inefficient as one that is too small. A heating and cooling professional can assist by helping calculate the heat loss, or the amount of BTUs needed for the whole house.


An efficiency rating for a furnace indicates it ability to convert fuel into heat. The higher the rating, the less fuel is wasted out the furnace exhaust venting. indicates that high efficiency systems can have an efficiency rate of 90% - 98.5%.

Zoning Systems

Installing a zoning system with a new furnace is a smart way to get the most from the new unit. These systems divide your home into groups called zones that are each controlled by separate thermostats. Creating zones helps normalize temperatures by eliminating hot and cold spots throughout the home. And even better – zoning systems save money by using just the right amount of energy to maintain the comfort of your home.

Purchasing the right heating system is an important decision because it affects every room of your home.  In British Columbia, an HVAC professional certified  by TECA (Thermal Environmental Comfort Association) can help you determine exactly what size unit you will need to best suit your needs.

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